Patents and Utility Models

Covering all technology fields

We have a long and successful a track record in different technology fields, including machinery, electrical and electronic, software, chemistry, biotechnology, life science, construction, and civil engineering. We have patent attorneys who specialize in each of these fields and who will be responsible for you.

Patent investigations

We can conduct patent clearance studies. The patent attorney in charge of your case will set the scope of the investigation while taking into account the technological content of your product, as well as market information and other factors, in order to collect the necessary supporting documents.

Negotiations with JPO examiners and appeal examiners

We often conduct interviews with JPO (Japan Patent Office) examiners and appeal examiners for your patent applications, and we possess the know-how to obtain the IP rights that you desire. Through these meetings, we are able to obtain your patent with a broad and suitable scope.

Support after obtaining patent rights

We provide support according to your business for a variety of situations that may arise after you have obtained your patent rights, such as patent infringement cases, litigation rescinding trial decisions, warning letters, oppositions, and trials for patent invalidation, as well as providing expert opinions on patent infringements and invalidations.

Third Party Observation

For pending applications, we can file third party observations with the Japan Patent Office anonymously.


Applications that conform with practice in Japan

The design system in Japan has changed drastically in recent years due to amendments to the Design Act. We must also pay attention to future changes in design practice. In order to properly protect your designs, we use our extensive experience and the latest information on the design system in Japan to provide assistance with procedures for the preparation phase, the examination phase, and the exercise of rights.


Applications that conform with practice in Japan

Each country has its own trademark system. In particular, the scope that is recognized for designated goods and services differs significantly depending on the country. We study basic applications and the designated goods and services provided by you to determine if they conform with practice in Japan, and then propose the appropriate designated goods and services. We can also do a simple search before filing trademark applications in order to reduce the risk of your applications being rejected.

Response to a provisional refusal

We have extensive experience and success in responding to provisional refusals under the Madrid Protocol, so please do not hesitate to consult with us.

IP consulting services

License contracts

We can give advice on license contracts for patents and other matters, as well as drafting your contracts, while taking into account the development and the future of your product.

Lectures on the Japanese IP system

We conduct lectures on the Japanese IP system in the United States, Europe, China, Korea, and other counties.

Status monitoring services

We can periodically monitor the status of an application in Japan or a Japanese patent that you are interested in.

Inquiries on IP matters in Japan

We answer any matter regarding Japanese IP that you may have.