三苫 貴織Takaori MITOMA

Qualifications Patent attorney (14091) with the authority to act as a litigation procurator in specific infringement litigation
Specialty areas Patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, branding, Unfair Competition Prevention Act, and copyrights
Work expertise Filing and prosecution of patent applications, appeals against decisions of refusal, presentations of information, oppositions, trials for invalidation, opinions, pre-application patent search, infringement search, and overseas patent work
Technical fields Architectural engineering, architecture and structural engineering, architecture and environmental engineering, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, control engineering, and software
Product expertise Buildings, structures, electrostatic precipitators, passenger boarding bridges, train platform gates, machine tools, air conditioners, compressors, prime movers, airplanes, marine vessels, power plants, digital cameras, printers, endoscopes, medical equipment, and daily necessities
Educational background B.S., Department of Architecture and Building Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1998
M.S., Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2000
(Research topic: Method of evaluating volatile organic compounds emitted from clean room components)
Work experience Worked for Shimizu Corporation and engaged in the design and management of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems for construction projects.
Worked for a patent firm in Japan (2005-2010).
Joined Olive International Patent Office in 2010.
International activities APAA (regular member)
Hobbies Reading: He has become more interested in non-fiction genres recently, especially the global situation after the modern age.
Gardening: Enjoys weeding and pruning in the garden under the sun. Through his interactions with plants and insects, he has come to realize that humans are also connected to the earth.
Publications 70 Intellectual Property Precedents for Business People. 2010-2020 editions. Japan Institute for Promoting Invention and Innovation. (co-authored)
JPAA activities Member of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act Committee (2015) and councilor of JPAA (2020-2021)
Hometown Tama city, Tokyo
Impression from colleagues “He is always calm and can tackle difficult issues.”
“When someone asks him detailed questions, he will reply kindly.”
“He is able to handle designs and trademarks, in addition to patents.”
“I admire the way he interacts with the clients politely and in a way that is easy to understand.”
Message I want to work with our clients to open the path to the future with new ideas and businesses. Society is changing rapidly and I feel that our clients’ requirements for patent attorneys are also changing day to day in response to that. We should innovate ourselves and become the patent attorneys that society needs, instead of passively following and studying the latest technologies , or instead of blindly continuing to do the work that we have been doing simply because it is what we are used to.