藤澤 厚太郎Kotaro FUJISAWA

Qualifications Patent attorney (19196)
Specialty areas Patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, Unfair Competition Prevention Act, and copyrights
Work expertise Filing and prosecution of patent applications, prior art search, infringement search, appeals against decisions of refusal, presentations of information, and overseas patent work
Technical fields Mechanical engineering, thermodynamics, heat transfer engineering, control engineering, electromagnetism, enterprise systems engineering, production management, quality management, reliability engineering, and information engineering
Product expertise Airplanes, air conditioners, prime movers, marine vessels, turbine parts, power plants, fuel cells, crushing equipment, vehicles for transportation, wind turbines, and automated parking systems
Educational background B.S., Faculty of Science and Engineering, Chuo University in 2008 (Research topic: Using an image recognition device to determine the direction of travel for electric wheelchairs based on the users’ gestures.)
Work experience Joined a patent firm in Japan (2013-2014).
Joined Olive International Patent Office in 2016.
International activities APAA (member)
Hobbies Strolling: Enjoys taking a break by walking around his neighborhood. He also prefers walking to his destination at work if there is time and walking down unfamiliar streets to get inspiration.
Reading: Reads all genres of novels.
Eating out: Often goes to different restaurants to try their food by himself.
Hometown Tama city, Tokyo
Impression from colleagues “He is a mysterious man who is reticent but has interesting stories to tell.”
“He is tough and never loses his resolve even when dealing with difficult cases.”
“He is a serious man and it is amazing the way he takes everything into account at work and tries to be useful to the client.”
“I admire the way he investigates down to the last detail until he reaches a satisfactory conclusion.”
Message I think it is important to understand the client’s invention accurately and examine its effects in order to find its core structure. Based on that core structure, I then try to obtain an appropriate right that covers the widest scope possible and draws out the potential value of the invention by looking at the claims that we can make from various angles.