長田 大輔Daisuke NAGATA

Qualifications Patent attorney (17252) with the authority to act as a litigation procurator in specific infringement litigation
Specialty areas Patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, Unfair Competition Prevention Act, and copyrights
Work expertise Filing and prosecution of patent applications, prior art search, infringement search, appeals against decisions of refusal, presentations of information, oppositions, trials for invalidation or rescission, requests for correction, trials for correction, opinions, suits against JPO decisions, assisting in infringement litigation, and overseas patent work
Technical fields Mechanical engineering (especially hydrodynamics, thermodynamics, heat transfer engineering, and mechanisms), control engineering, electrical engineering, and electromagnetism
Product expertise Airplanes, air conditioners, internal-combustion engine, turbochargers, marine vessels, fuel cells, thermal power plants, wind turbines, environmental devices, fluid control devices for semiconductors, mold components, medical equipment, and personal mobility devices
Educational background B.S., Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University in 1997
M.S., Graduate School of Mechanical Engineering, Keio University in 1999
(Research topic: navigation technology of autonomous land vehicles using visual information)
Work experience Worked for the Intellectual Property Department of Canon Inc. (1999-2010) and mainly engaged in the filing and prosecution of domestic and non-domestic patent applications related to electrical and software technologies for laser beam printers and digital copiers; clearance searches; and litigation and disputes against domestic and foreign competitors. He wrote many domestic and non-domestic patent applications, including domestic applications due to in-house production, and intermediate responses. He also worked with the Design Department to discover inventions that take into consideration the future and competitors.
- Member of JIPA’s First International Affairs Committee while working at Canon
Joined Olive International Patent Office in 2011.
Publications 1. (2007) Regarding Considerations of the Validity of a Reissue Patent with Enlarged Claims in the US. Chizai Kanri, 57 (5), 733 (co-authored)
2. (2007) Amendments to US Patent Regulations. Chizai Kanri, 57 (12), 1,983 (co-authored)
3. (2009) How to Obtain US Patents Successfully. (4th Edition) (co-authored)
International activities APAA and AIPPI
Hobbies Cooking: Makes dinner for his family on weekends. He changes the menu all the time, but he often makes paella and saag curry (spinach curry).
Studying: Reads a variety of topics from business to finance, and enjoys buying many books and learning from them.
Hometown Yokosuka city, Kanagawa Prefecture
Impression from colleagues “Dependable because he does not follow the crowd and states his opinions clearly.”
“He is a serious man and is considerate of others.”
“I respect him because he is methodical and knows a lot about computers in addition to IP.”
“He is relentless in his pursuit to achieve efficiency at work.”
Message Due to my experience working in the Intellectual Property Department of a manufacturer and working together with their Design Department to discover inventions, I am capable of grasping the concept of an invention accurately and revising it in order to file a valid patent application based on the results of research and development. I also have experience working on many overseas applications and acquiring rights, so when I create specifications for a domestic application, I use expressions that are easy to translate to other languages and take into consideration the client’s businesses in other countries. I want to continue increasing my knowledge and experience to contribute to the growth of our clients’ IP activities.