Qualifications Patent attorney (13616) with the authority to act as a litigation procurator in specific infringement litigation
Specialty areas Patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, branding, unfair competition prevention act, and copyrights
Work expertise Filing and prosecution of patent applications, pre-application patent search, infringement search, appeals against decisions of refusal, presentations of information, oppositions, trials for invalidation or rescission, requests for correction, trials for correction, opinions, suits against JPO decisions, assisting in infringement litigation, and overseas patent and trademark work
Technical fields Electronics, electronic circuits, electromagnetism, semiconductor engineering, control engineering, telecommunication engineering (4G & 5G), software-related fields (AI, deep learning, business models, etc.), and information engineering
Product expertise Computers (PCs, tablet devices, and smartphones), applications, IoT, AI, GUI, ad servers, semiconductor chips, automated parking systems, air conditioners, fuel cells, solar batteries, lithium-ion batteries, wind turbines, plant control systems, imaging technologies, and smart grids
Educational background B.S., Electrical Engineering, Shibaura Institute of Technology in 1997 (Research topic: Creation and reproduction of Fourier transform holograms, and application of FTH in pattern recognition and filtering)
Work experience Worked for Electronics Department of Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd (1997-1999) and engaged in the research and development of control units (ballasts) for discharge headlamps.
Worked for a major patent firm in Japan (1999-2002).
Joined Olive International Patent Office in 2004.
International activities APAA (regular member), AIPPI, INTA, IPO, CPAC, CTF, and FICPI
Hobbies Outdoor: Enjoys camping in the summer with family and friends. Even drinks taste better than usual when enjoyed while sitting around a bonfire surrounded by nature and chatting with trusted friends. In the winter, she likes to go skiing with her close friends from high school.
Piano: Studied piano on and off until high school and has teaching certification from Kawai Music School.
Overseas training Summer Training Program organized by Birch, Stewart, Kolasch & Birch (US) (2007)
JPAA activities Intellectual Property Management Consulting Committee (FY 2014-2016)
Hometown Izunokuni city, Shizuoka Prefecture
Impression from colleagues “She may not look like it, but she is extremely focused.”
“Cheerful and energetic, she is dedicated to pursuing her specializations.”
“She is friendly and sociable.”
“She is fluent in English and can communicate with non-Japanese people in a friendly way.”
Message If it is assumed that clients’ precious ideas are seeds, then I believe that our job is to make sure that those important seeds grow into large trees. A tree must have sturdy roots to withstand insects and strong rain and wind. In IP, the specifications that support the scope of rights form these roots. I want to grow large trees of inventions by writing specifications that can withstand the attacks of rival companies and by pruning the trees (adjusting the scope of rights) as needed. I want to create many large trees in my clients’ business fields and work with them to grow a forest. It fills me with great joy to assist them in doing so.