河合 利恵Rie KAWAI

Qualifications Patent attorney (19611)
Specialty areas Patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, and Unfair Competition Prevention Act
Work expertise Filing and prosecution of patent applications, appeals against decisions of refusal, presentations of information, oppositions, requests for correction, opinions, prior art search, infringement search, and overseas patent work (filing and prosecution of patent applications, and providing post-grant support)
Technical fields Chemistry (organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, polymers, medicinal chemistry, material science, catalysis, and environmental chemistry), biochemistry, biotechnology, life science, textile and paper products, and machinery
Product expertise Composite materials, airplane parts, power plants, turbine parts, air conditioners, refrigerants, marine vessels, plastic processed products, medical equipment, pharmaceutical compositions, nucleic acid-related compounds, daily necessities, solar batteries, fuel cells, and lithium-ion batteries
Educational background B.S., Department of Chemistry, Nagoya University in 1995
Ph.D., Graduate School of Human Informatics, Nagoya University in 2001 (Specialized in organic chemistry and researched catalytic synthesis for stereoselective synthesis, functional nucleotide synthesis, highly effective chemical synthesis of natural/modified DNA and RNA oligomers, etc.)
Work experience Research Fellowship for Young Scientist, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (Nagoya University, Wayne State University (MI, US)) (2001-2003)
Worked for Riken, a large scientific research institute in Japan (2003-2009). (Performed chemical synthesis of functional nucleic acids, and biochemical experiments)
Worked for a bio-venture company (2009-2010). (Performed chemical synthesis of functional nucleic acids, biochemical experiments, and intellectual property-related tasks)
Joined Olive International Patent Office in 2010.
International activities AIPPI (regular member) and APAA (regular member)
Hobbies Reading: She is a voracious reader who likes reading various genres, from novels and science fiction stories to magazines and miscellaneous topics, and enjoys acquiring knowledge on a wide variety of subjects.
Strolling and people-watching: Likes to decide on one goal and get on the train to explore unfamiliar areas and stores.
JPAA activities International Activities Center – Europe Division (since 2016)
Hometown Toyohashi city, Aichi Prefecture
Impression from colleagues “She has extensive knowledge on international cases and will teach us patiently.”
“I respect the way she takes on everything seriously.”
“I admire her ability to handle technical fields that are outside her area of expertise flexibly.”
“Her thoughtfulness regarding the people around her is amazing.”
Message In order to help our clients successfully obtain the rights for their precious ideas, I try to think calmly and logically while remaining passionate about each project. My main specialty is handling cases not only in Japan but also outside Japan. I always pay attention to any development in the laws and regulations of every country, including developing countries and not just major industrial countries.