Olive International Patent Office - experts in intellectual properties in Japan and overseas (Japan laws, Paris convention, PCT).



Olive International Patent Office was founded in the Minato Mirai (meaning "port future") area of Yokohama City on October 1, 2003, by Kunio Ueda and Takaharu Fujita, both experienced Japanese Patent Attorneys.

After years of serving our clients, we are receiving high evaluations from our clients, who have been entrusting us with an increasing number of cases.

The managing partners, Kunio Ueda and Takaharu Fujita, both have expertise in mechanical and control engineering, and are experienced in post-grant matters such as the preparation of opinions and litigation.

The other members of Olive International Patent Office include technical experts in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software, and chemistry, foreign patent specialists, and experienced clerical assistants.

Olive International Patent Office is fully capable in the field of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software, and chemistry for domestic and foreign intellectual property matters.

Offering the Olive Branch

Olive logo

"Olive International Patent Office" is named after the olive tree, which is a symbol of peace and victory. Intellectual property is often accompanied by legal battles. However, we believe that creations such as inventions are produced with their primary purpose being to contribute to human lives and the global environment through development of industry and thus to contribute to the peace of the human race. We also believe that the creators of inventions, designs, and other intellectual properties and the successors thereof must be winners, receiving recognition for their contribution in unveiling their valuable creations to the world. Thus, the name of our firm embodies our belief in the intrinsic value of creations. By including the word "Olive" in the name of our firm, we define ourselves as a group of people working with the goal of our clients' peace and victory.

Olives, which are indispensable in olive oil and martinis, are widely used and loved throughout the world. The name of our firm also incorporates our hope that Olive International Patent Office will be loved by our clients all over the world.


Partners Takaharu FUJITA
Kunio UEDA
Founded October, 1, 2003
Address 37F The Landmark Tower Yokohama
2-2-1, Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama 220-8137, Japan [ Access Map ]
Telephone +81-(0)45-640-3253
Facsimile +81-(0)45-640-3254
E-mail olive@olive-pat.com
URL http://www.olive-pat.com/en
Practice Areas Prosecutions of Patents, Utility Models, Designs, Trademarks and Service marks, Appeals, Trials for Invalidation, Suits against JPO Decisions, Litigations Foreign Applications, International Applications