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Miki Kawakami

Miki Kawakami

Qualifications Patent Attorney (13616)
with the authority to act as a litigation procurator in specific infringement litigations

B.S., Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Shibaura Institute of Technology
Professional Background Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.; Private patent firm
Expertise and Experience Opinions, appeals, and filing and prosecution of patent, design, and trademark applications for domestic and non-domestic clients.

Ms. Kawakami's expertise is in business methods, software-related inventions, and control engineering. She has experience in a wide variety of technologies, including telecommunication technologies such as mobile phones, wireless communication systems (such as CDMA and TDMA), antennas, base stations, and RFID tag systems;
technologies relating to control of vehicles or vehicle parts, such as hybrid vehicles,combustion engines, fuel cell vehicles, vehicle air conditioners, and automatic guided vehicles and cranes; electric power-related control technologies, such as those for power generation
systems, wind turbines, combined power generation systems, and fuel cells; and optics and imaging technologies, such as image processing for cameras and LCDs. Ms. Kawakami has also dealt with some of the newest technologies such as regeneration of living tissue and digital watermarking.

Ms. Kawakami was engaged in research and development of control units (ballasts) for discharge headlamps at Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Ms. Kawakami conducted research on 3D displays and image processing and holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Shibaura Institute of Technology.
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