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Kunio Ueda

Kunio Ueda

Qualifications Patent Attorney (11891)
with the authority to act as a litigation procurator in specific infringement litigations

M.S., Graduate School of Mechanical Engineering, Waseda University
Professional Background Fanuc Ltd.; Private patent firms
Expertise and Experience Opinions, oppositions, trials for invalidation, and filing and prosecution of patent applications for domestic and non-domestic clients.

Mr. Ueda specializes in mechanical engineering, control engineering, thermal engineering, and atomic power engineering. He has experience in robotics, motors, wind turbines, and heat exchangers, as well as in the fields of home electrical appliances, telecommunications, image processing, connectors, cameras, copying machines, atomic power facilities, hard disk drives, and regeneration of living tissue.

Mr. Ueda was engaged in the design and development of mechanisms for large articulated upright robots and spot-welding systems in automobile assembly lines at the Product Development Laboratory of Fanuc Ltd. He conducted research on wind turbines (Darrieus and Savonius types) and on heat exchange around the conductive tubes of heat exchangers at Waseda University (Department of Mechanical Engineering). He holds an M.S. in mechanical engineering from Waseda University, with a specialization in adaptive control of DC electric motors.
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