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Takaharu Fujita

Takaharu Fujita

Qualifications Patent Attorney (11273)
with the authority to act as a litigation procurator in specific infringement litigations

M.S., Graduate School of Nuclear Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Professional Background Denso Corporation; Private patent firm
Expertise and Experience Opinions, oppositions, trials for invalidation, suits against JPO decisions, assisting in infringement litigation, and filing and prosecution of patent applications for domestic and non-domestic clients.

Mr. Fujita's fields of expertise include combustion control, refrigeration, printers, home electrical appliances, and steel production control.

He was engaged in research and development of Stirling refrigerators and pulse tube refrigerators, as well as measurement of dynamic thermal fields by Rayleigh-scattered light using excimer lasers at the Research Laboratories of Denso Corporation. Mr. Fujita conducted research on fluidized-bed combustion at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology (undergraduate). He holds an M.S. in nuclear engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology, with a specialization in pyrolytic combustion of fire-resistant materials using microwaves.
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